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How to create Hosting Account On WHM

Creating Accounts in cPanel/WebHost Manager

If you want to host a domain name's website on your server using cPanel®, you have to create an Account in WebHost Manager (WHM).

To Create an Account in cPanel/WHM

  1. Log in to WebHost Manager using your reseller details.
  2. In the Home section, click Account Functions.

  3. Click Create a New Account.

  4. Complete the on-screen fields in the Domain Information section.

    WHM automatically creates a Username for you based on the first eight characters of your domain name.

  5. (Optional) Complete the other on-screen fields.
  6. Click Create.

WebHost Manager displays a results page outlining your new Account. If there are no problems, WebHost Manager displays Account Creation Complete!!! at the bottom of the page.

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