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Our periodic newsletter will alert you to scheduled maintenance of the network, downtime or server repair. It will also let you know of impending upgrades to the servers and the network. 



March 15, 2007
Secure Certificate SSL Discount Program

AxonHost Partners with GeoTrust  to provide world-class SSL certificates at Discounted Prices

GeoTrust is renowned for its patented technologies that deliver on demand certificates, making it easier for you to provide SSL security for your customers.  We continuously invest to improve our full suite of security products for our customers, and yours.

Read more >> 

Contact your account executive to find out more about the advantages to using a dedicated SSL certificate for your domain.

February 17, 2007
Hosting Support Forum

You can now look up topic, add questions, or discuss your hosting questions. 

The new hosting forum is a great place to start if you have questions about setting up your new hosting account. The forum is monitored by our support staff, so if you post a new question, it will get answered by a qualified technician. Check it out >

February 9, 2007
Hosting Ticket Support Now Available


We have been working with our colleagues at Totera Web Systems to develop a support ticketing system to improve the routing and tracking of tech support inquires. The new AxonHost Support Helpdesk makes it easier to contact tech support and track the issues you are having. Try it and let us know what you think.  

January 23, 2007
AxonHost Partners with Rackspace Managed Hosting

More security, more space, more support. 
After years of experience and careful research AxonHost has teamed up with Rackspace Managed Hosting to provide a new generation of data storage solutions. We have simplified our hosting plans to offer all of the services our customers need, plus increase security, storage space, and 24/7 phone, email and chat support. Contact your account executive to find out more.

November 15, 2006
MX Logic® Email Defense Service

Stop email attacks today 
Protecting your business against email threats is now just a click away. With convenient online ordering, you can immediately put our advanced email protection services to work for your company. 

The MX Logic® Email Defense Service provides comprehensive around-the-clock email protection that's affordable, effortless to integrate, and fully automated. Spam, worms, viruses and other email threats are no match for our advanced, multi-layered filtering technology. 

- Free up valuable IT resources - Automatic, around-the-clock email filtering and protection 
- Cost-effective protection - Only $1 per mailbox per month 
- Quick, effortless activation - No migration or integration required, no hardware or software necessary 
- Block email threats before they can harm your email system - Safe, external quarantine for suspect messages 
- Immediate protection - Rapid 1-day service activation 
- Eliminate 90 percent of spam costs - Blocks 98 percent of spam 
- Increased employee productivity - Sophisticated end-user quarantine management 

Spam, viruses and worms can't compete 
With MX Logic, you can eliminate 98 percent of spam and associated costs, integrate maximum virus protection, filter messages for inappropriate content and attachments, and leverage outbound filtering to ensure the integrity of emails sent from your email system.



April 29, 2005
New Email Spam Filters 

We have implemented spam filters on your mail server which will now tag detected spam messages with the word "[SPAM]" in the subject. This filtering method, called subject re-writing will allow you to review your filtered mail for false positives on the client side without the need for an alternate spam mailbox/user.

Thank you, and enjoy our newest feature!

- AxonHost Support Team



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